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Bristol Poop Chart: Which Of These 7 Types Of Poop Do You Have?

When doctors at the Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital in Bristol, England found that patients were reluctant to talk about the shape and nature of their stools, they devised a handy chart called the Bristol Stool Form Scale. This self-diagnostic chart helps patients discuss their bowel habits without becoming embarrassed. It is now being used all […]

The Real Dangers of Cracked Heels

When the skin on the bottom of your heels becomes excessively dry, it can crack, leaving painful gaps. Cracked skin worsens in the winter months due to low humidity and cold temperatures — and it seems to afflict more women than men. For some, the condition is uncomfortable but not serious. Yet for others, cracks […]

How Can Honey Improve Your Oral Health…Isn’t it Just Sugar?

Not all sweets are bad for your teeth. Honey, it seems, has real benefits for oral health, despite its high natural sugar content. However, it does act differently than refined sugar. Unlike refined sugar that causes plaque and tooth decay, honey has antimicrobial properties that actually stop plaque in its tracks and fight gingivitis. But, […]

4 Ways to Use Raw Local Honey for Beautiful Skin

Local bees collect pollen from local plants. Raw honey has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties that promote digestive and skin health. Raw, local honey has all the same properties. However, since local bees collect pollen from local plants, it’s believed to have the added bonus of strengthening your immunity and reducing pollen allergy symptoms. That […]

Stroke Warning Signs Everyone Should Know About

Warning signs of a stroke may be apparent as early as seven days before an attack and require urgent treatment to prevent severe brain damage. So, understanding those warning signs is not only vital for your health, but also for those you love. Here are the stroke warning signs everyone should know about. Eighty percent […]

6 Ways to Supercharge Your Immune System Before Winter

With Covid-19 still looming heavily over the U.S., Americans are looking for ways to boost their immune system before winter hits. But it’s not as simple as targeting one specific entity in your body. The immune system is the body’s natural defense system, made up of a network of molecules, tissues, cells, and organs working […]

Strange Oral Health Habits that Work

While most of us stick with brushing twice a day (and hopefully regular flossing too), there are more and more reasons to seek out an alternative oral health routine. Conventional toothpaste contains questionable ingredients like fluoride and SLS; mouthwash dries out our gums and kills beneficial bacteria with alcohol and chlorhexidine, and regular toothbrushes are another source of plastic that is […]

Vitamin D Deficiency May Increase Risk of COVID-19 According to Study

   Experts suggest that half of all Americans are vitamin D deficient. But without supplementing, it would take twenty minutes of sunshine daily — with over 40 percent of your skin exposed — to prevent deficiency. Depending on where you live or what your schedule entails, that may not be possible. However, new research now […]

How Probiotics Could Save You From Losing Teeth

You’ve heard of probiotics before – they’re supplements you take for a healthy gut. But did you know that there is also something called the oral microbiome, which is a community of bacteria in your mouth? Scientists are starting to discover that oral probiotics are just as important as those we use for the gut. […]

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